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The most certified prenatal and postnatal courses center in Hong Kong

Obtaining multiple vocational certificates is very critical. It shows trust to clients and proves individuals’ ability to peers.
empathy training and education center provides various prenatal and postnatal courses, in which our belly binding course is the most certified course in Hong Kong. This allows our students to receive international recognition and increase competitiveness in the industry. Qualified centers are listed below:
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Reeva International Spa School
Located in the Bali Spa School, Empathy offers professional five-star spa massage and prenatal and postnatal courses to students. Belly binding originates from traditional Indonesian therapy. Empathy has always been a proponent of teaching Indonesian massage and belly binding techniques. The center is also the first to cooperate with Reeva International Spa School, allowing students to obtain local certificates in Hong Kong. The techniques taught by Empathy have gained the trust and support of many mothers due to their effectiveness.
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National Training Network (Guopei Wang) of China
National Training Network (Guopei Wang) is a national-level professional institution for online training and education, organized by the China Senior Civil Servants' Training Center of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. It was approved by the National Department of Human Resources in 2005 and is operated by Beijing Zhongren Guanghua Education Technology Co., Ltd. The network integrates massive high-end learning and training resources, develops thousands of high-quality courses tailored to user needs, and provides multi-disciplinary and multi-level training services to civil servants, professional and technical personnel, business management personnel, and social workers, mainly through an efficient network remote training public service platform.
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Training Center of China Association for Management Science
A national-level professional training institution established by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. It is managed and operated by the Senior Civil Service Training Center of China. Relying on the government, scientific research institutions and well known universities at home and abroad, it gathers and integrates resources to develop elite courses. In addition, it uses their advantage in computing, the Internet, distributed computing and management to construct a nationwide, Internet-based training network in order to share all the training resources. This platform has been widely used in central ministries and systems and has successfully carried out large-scale training collaboration and promotion in various provinces, prefectures and counties. 
Since 2015, the network has covered 17 provinces, nearly 40 cities, 6 nation ministries, 8 industry associations and various professional institutions in China. There have been nearly 120 training platforms, including civil servants, professional and technical personnel etc.. Over 500 million individuals are trained under this network.
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GPF Global Professional Artist Federation
The official Korean international beauty industry training institution designated by the Korean government, also the designated institution by Seoul National University for beauticians to earn their qualification certificates.
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IAPC International Association for Professional Certification
Registered in Nevada, USA in 2008, IAPC specializes in certifying various professional personnel skills. The association provides professional training, testing and certification services; it is a world-renowned professional certification institution.
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