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BODY Shape 6.2 Course of Treatment

Body scavenger

Body Shape 6.2療程_WEB_防止腦部老化.png

Prevent brain aging

Body Shape 6.2療程_WEB_血液循環.png

Blood circulation

Body Shape 6.2療程_WEB_排除廢物.png

Get rid of waste

Body Shape 6.2療程_WEB_放鬆肌肉.png

Relax muscles

Body Shape 6.2療程_WEB_關節炎-風濕.png


Body Shape 6.2療程_WEB_淋巴循環.png

Lymphatic circulation

Distribute the way of health and wellness from the inside out

The nano-ceramic powder releases natural far-infrared rays, which can resonate absorption by tissue cells, promote blood circulation in the whole body, and then regulate the body temperature, improve immunity, and repel germs. Under normal body temperature, the blood flow is fast, which can prevent brain aging and accelerate metabolism, enhance physical function, and create a good physique at a constant temperature.


How to detoxify the body?
Nano-ceramic powder can release natural far-infrared rays, resonate with human energy waves, and spread throughout the body by stimulating body acupuncture points. Far-infrared rays increase the temperature of cells, activate cells, supply sufficient nutrients and oxygen, and promote blood and lymph circulation and metabolism. At the same time, the old wastes, harmful toxins, sediments, heavy metals, lactic acid, free fatty acids, fats, excess sodium ions and uric acid that have been accumulated in the body for fatigue or aging of body functions are excreted with metabolism, so as to regain the prenatal and postnatal curves. .  

External nourishment and internal connection through the meridians
. The thermal effect of far infrared rays and the resonance of the human body produce the following functions
. Stimulate the reflex area of acupoints and promote the discharge of waste from the liver, viscera and intestines in the body
. Promote the secretion of adrenaline in the blood and relieve pain
. Anti-inflammatory, swelling, analgesic effects
. Regulate body metabolism and immune function
. The active oxygen that causes aging is changed into effective oxygen, which is not antagonistic to the body and is fully absorbed by the human body

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