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Ultra 360" Collagen Firming Treatment

Sagging skin: Loss of collagen and rupture of elastin lead to lack of support at the base of the muscle, reduced support, and sagging facial contours
Fine lines: The skin relaxes and sinks, forming fine lines
Lack of water: increased loss of collagen, gaps in the bottom of the muscle, and inability to lock in water

. Improve V-face contours and eliminate marionette lines
. Plump apple muscles and eliminate nasolabial folds
. Eliminate double chin
. Painless and no downtime
. The only monopolar radiofrequency and ultrasound technology
. Non-invasive, non-invasive
. Internal energy control system, FDA and CE safety approved

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BTL EMTONE body tightening

BTL Emtone™ uses the world's first dual technology to activate collagen at the base of the skin, reduce fat and tighten skin, enhance lines, and achieve comprehensive body shaping. Shock waves can activate aging connective tissue and reshape the muscle base structure. The simultaneous output of shock waves and unipolar radio frequency stimulates collagen proliferation and restores youthful elasticity to body skin. Monopolar radiofrequency thermal energy technology can effectively reduce fat cells, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, reduce cellulite and stretch marks, and achieve a comprehensive Tone Up body shape.

​BTL VANQUISH ME air-dissolving lipolysis

BTL air fat dissolving has many benefits and can meet your needs. Empathy has specially introduced the BTL Vanquish Me air-dissolving lipolysis technology certified by the US FDA and the EU CE, which can help Hong Kong women quickly burn fat thickness and improve muscle strength and quality. This technology is a non-invasive, painless and non-recovery treatment that can restore women’s slim figure with remarkable results.


BTL Exilis Ultra 360 FEMME private overclocking vaginal tightening

For many postpartum mothers or older women, the private parts become loose. When the pressure in the abdomen increases, such as coughing, sneezing, laughing or lifting heavy objects, urine will leak. In terms of sexual life, vaginal laxity is troubled by fewer orgasms and dry and dull appearance of the private parts.

Private Firming Magic Wand
Regenerate collagen and elastin to fight off private problems:

​・Improve laxity, atrophy, vaginal dryness, firmness and hydration
​・Tighten the appearance, even skin tone, and shape the vulva
​・Restore urethral muscles, tighten elasticity, and improve urinary leakage

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