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Our body can only absorb 1% of it!

Does edible collagen really work?

Ultra 360" Collagen Firming Treatment

BTL Exilis Ultra 360
To improve:
1. Loosing skin
Loss of collagen and breakage of elastin causing insufficient support of muscle and eventually sagging facial contours

2. Fine lines and wrinkle
Reduction of collagen causing sagging of skin and forming fine lines and wrinkle

3. Water loss
Losing of collagen maximise the gap between the bottom of muscle, resulting inability to retain moisture

To improve sharper contours, create fuller cheek and reduce marionette line and nasolabial lines and double chin firming


  • Unique unipolar radio frequency and ultrasonic technology

  • Non-invasive

  • Painless and require no recovery period

  • FDA and CE Safety approval

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Hydra Facial

Achieving 4 major functions at once

1. Dissolving blackheads and stratum corneum

2. Bringing whitening essence to the bottom of skin

3. Stimulating collagen production

4. Anting allergy and sedating

Apart from using certified patient essence from US to dissolve blackheads, stratum corneum and acne on the face, the treatment helps to moisturize skin and minimize pores.


The LED blue light of probe helps sterilizing skin.

3 Undiluted essences are using during treatment, they are:
1. PEEL: Exfoliating, get the skin prepare to absorb essence
2. SEBO: Removing blackheads, can and balancing water and oil

3. REJUVE: tightening pores and enhance moisture retention

Spectra Laser - Whitening refine and sport corrector treatment

Most of the women love whitening, especially ladies in Hong Kong, whitening may always their priority for skin care issues. Spectra Laser Whitening Refine Treatment is an effective way to do so. Treatment uses a low energy of 1064 laser to stimulate deep layers of skin and activate natural repair process. The heat generated during the treatment helps to boost reproduction of collagen. Once skin elasticity is restored with sufficient collage and pores reduced, most skin issues will be eliminated.

  • Whitening and refine skin to make skin tone more even

  • Activating production of collagen

  • Improving skin elasticity

  • Lightening deep spots including Melasma, Hormonal Spot

    and butterfly-shaped spot

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HIFU Contour Lifting and Firming Treatment

Nonsurgical high-focus ultrasound technology

  • Deep into 3mm collagen layers and 4.5mm fascio-aponeurotic layer, does not interfere with the skin surface

    and other tissues

  • Stimulate reproduction of collagen, imitating surgical

    lifting technique for moderately 1.5mm

  • Improving superficial wrinkles, bumps and pores


  • Immediate effect and obviously long lasting

  • No harm to skin and need no operation

  • KFDA and CE approved, safe and effective

  • Double track mode, require less treatment time compare to similar HIFU

  • Patient tip with precise and accurate technology


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