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Lactation and Breastfeeding Guidance Services

It can solve problems such as stone chest, lack of milk, mastitis, breast tenderness, damaged nipples, scarce milk and blocked breasts.
Manual breastfeeding, acupoint massage and correct breastfeeding guidance to help mothers successfully breastfeed!

Common breastfeeding problems include:

* Baby has trouble sucking and is unable or unwilling to suck at the breast
* Babies born prematurely
* Infant jaundice
* Difficulties with twin feeding
* Insufficient milk
* Nipple pain, cracking, damage
* Breast milk with blood and pus
* Reduce the use of formula and switch to full breastfeeding
*  Nipple pain, cracking, damage
* Infant defecates insufficiently
* Breast milk with blood and pus
* Insufficient infant weight gain
* Switching between pumping and breastfeeding
* Arrangements for returning to work and continuing breastfeeding
* Infant on solids and weaning
* Re-feeding after weaning
* Understand colostrum guidance

Lactation and Breast Milk Instructor Qualification

·Internationally recognized belly-barring teacher qualification
·Internationally recognized pelvic prosthetist
·Internationally recognized breast milk guide and prolactin teacher
·Internationally recognized maternity massage therapist
· Chinese TCM Conditioner
·Chinese traditional Chinese massage therapist
·Bali Approved Postpartum Breast Therapist

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