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BTL EXION Collagen Gun
Hyaluronic Acid Self-Regeneration Treatment

The latest AI intelligent sensing technology combines patented combinations in real-time. Monopolar radiofrequency (RF) is combined with TUS (Targeted Ultrasound) technology to activate the skin's own fibroblast proliferation, promoting the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin.

Addresses the following aging skin issues:


enlarged pores


sagging and loose skin


appearance of wrinkles


rough and dull skin

Key features of EXION Technology AI Collagen Gun: 

The EXION 360 Collagen Gun features a groundbreaking combination of patented RF + TUS (TARGETED ULTRASOUND) technology. This non-invasive technology significantly enhances the skin's ability to generate hyaluronic acid, resulting in a 224% improvement in effectiveness. Additionally, it promotes the natural production of collagen, surpassing the previous generation's effectiveness by 47%. Previously, the only method to increase hyaluronic acid was through injectable fillers. However, with BTL EXION 360's advanced technology combined with AI intelligence, collagen and hyaluronic acid can now be precisely generated to fill depressions without the need for injections.


BTL EXION Collagen Gun Prices:

BTL EXION Collagen Gun - Eye Rejuvenation: $1,080
BTL EXION Eye Rejuvenation + Full Face Reshaping: $2,380
BTL EXION Eye Rejuvenation + Full Face Reshaping + Neck: $2,680

BTL EXION Eye Rejuvenation + Full Face Reshaping Promotion:
BTL EXION Eye Rejuvenation + Full Face Reshaping Trial Price: $980

Discounted prices for 4 sessions: $6,580
Discounted prices for 8 sessions: $12,000
Discounted prices for 12 sessions: $16,560

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