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BTL EMTONE body tightening

BTL Emtone™ uses the world's first dual technology to activate collagen at the base of the skin, reduce fat and tighten skin, enhance lines, and achieve comprehensive body shaping. Shock waves can activate aging connective tissue and reshape the muscle base structure. The simultaneous output of shock waves and unipolar radio frequency stimulates collagen proliferation and restores youthful elasticity to body skin. Monopolar radiofrequency thermal energy technology can effectively reduce fat cells, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, reduce cellulite and stretch marks, and achieve a comprehensive Tone Up body shape.

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BTL VANQUISH ME air-dissolving lipolysis

BTL air fat dissolving has many benefits and can meet your needs. Empathy has specially introduced the BTL Vanquish Me air-dissolving lipolysis technology certified by the US FDA and the European Union CE, which can help Hong Kong women quickly burn fat thickness and improve muscle strength and quality. This technology is a non-invasive, painless and non-recovery treatment that can restore women’s slim figure with remarkable results.

MegaMax Muscle Shaping

By stimulating muscle growth, it burns fat and shapes muscle lines. Lying still for 30 minutes is equivalent to doing 30,000 sit-ups. In addition to saving exercise time, the effect is more significant than exercise. Helps shape a healthy body shape and present the beautiful lines of the waistcoat line and peach buttocks.

It is especially suitable for mothers whose belly circumference has increased due to rectus abdominis separation after childbirth and whose belly is sagging to regain a girlish figure.


BODY Shape 6.2 Treatment Course

Nano-ceramic powder releases natural far-infrared rays, causing tissue cells to resonate and absorb, promoting blood circulation throughout the body, thereby regulating body temperature, improving immunity, and fighting off germs. When the body temperature is normal, blood flows quickly, which can prevent brain aging and accelerate metabolism, enhance body functions, and create a good physique with a constant temperature.

Ginger Warming and Cold Ginger Treatment

Ginger Warming and Cold Ginger Treatment
The key to aging is to warm the uterus. Warming the uterus actually ensures that the uterus is always in a healthy and warm state, so that the surrounding blood circulation is smooth, so that the uterus can function optimally. Once the uterus is healthy, the skin will naturally heal.


Comprehensive breast enhancement treatment

Overclocking Instruments & Human Hand Shaping
Using ultrasound and unipolar radio frequency, it can tighten breast skin, improve breast sagging, large and small breasts, and figure-shaped breasts, and instantly make breasts fuller.

.100% Potent & Painless & Safe
.Ultrasound and unipolar radio frequency fusion output
.Regular vibration and heat energy release of ultrasonic waves
.Monopolar radio frequency loopback three-dimensional penetration

.Then, professional manual acupoint massage on the chest will be used to shape and enhance the chest line to clear the meridians and lymph nodes under the armpits and near the breasts. This is combined with breast massage to promote blood circulation, discharge toxins, and improve accessory breasts and breast deformation problems.


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