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Warm Palace Repelling Cold Ginger Treatment

Receive palace-warming treatment, recommended to benefit body circulation

The uterus is very important to a woman's body, also known as "the second heart of a woman". The health of the uterus can affect a woman's entire physiological system. Many women have the problem of palace cold, what is palace cold? And what problems does it pose? How can empathy's warm palace treatment recommendation solve these problems? What is the price of warm palace treatment?
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Improve pregnancy chances

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Drive away dampness and coldness in the uterus

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Improve cold hands and feet

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Improve menstrual pain and premenstrual discomfort

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Fair and rosy complexion

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Solve the problem of lower abdominal obesity and edema

What is "Gong Han"? Why do you need warm palace treatment?

"Gong Han" refers to the coldness and coldness of the uterus, and its symptoms include fear of cold, always feeling cold in the abdomen, dizziness and weakness, etc. Hong Kong women like to drink cold drinks, wear short shirts and stay in air-conditioned places for a long time, which makes their abdomen cold for a long time. Therefore, blood circulation will be deteriorated, and the cold air will stay in the uterus, which will have a long-term impact on the uterus. At the same time, it will slow down the body's excretion of toxins, which will cause other problems, such as cold hands and feet, easy fatigue, pale complexion, etc., and the warm palace treatment can alleviate the following conditions.

1. Premenstrual discomfort

A few days before menstruation, women's face, abdomen and limbs become edema due to the increase of estrogen secretion and progesterone. As a result, women will feel that they are getting fat before menstruation, and there will be edema and breast tenderness.

2. Period pain

It usually occurs 1 - 2 days before the start of menstruation. The pain caused by the contraction of the endometrium is different for each person. Some women will feel more severe menstrual pain because of the cold palace. In addition to menstrual pain, it can also be accompanied by some other symptoms (such as lower back pain, fatigue, uncomfortable feeling, etc.)

3. Change in appetite

Some women also experience a loss of appetite due to menstrual pain or emotions, but some also have a sudden increase in appetite before menstruation.

4. Skin deterioration

Some women will have "physiological acne" due to hormone secretion, which makes the skin worse. Some women also experience poor mood due to this condition.

What are the dangers of palace cold?

A cold palace can easily lead to some ovarian diseases, hindering the normal ovulation function, resulting in ovulation disorders, or even no ovulation, resulting in a decrease in female hormone levels, eventually affecting normal menstruation, and even unfavorable pregnancy and fertility. Faced with the above risks, you need the assistance of warm palace treatment.

Empathy warm palace treatment program recommendation

The purpose of the empathy warming treatment is to drive away the coldness of the uterus, warm the uterus and promote metabolism, which is more conducive to the conditioning of the uterus and pregnancy preparation. The empathy warm palace treatment has a unique palace massage technique, and uses ginger essential oil for massage. Ginger essential oil is particularly good at repelling cold, which can significantly improve the moisture in the body and the problem of uterine deficiency and cold, and can also enhance immunity and health care.

In addition, empathy’s palace warming treatment will specially use the traditional formula of traditional Chinese medicine wormwood to be applied to the uterus area on the abdomen through gauze, and then cooperate with the infrared warm palace health care device to penetrate the heat energy into the body and speed up blood circulation. The warm palace treatment can finally promote the self-healing power of cells and achieve the effect of nourishing the palace. The warm palace treatment is more suitable for mothers who have just given birth. It can promote blood circulation for mothers, allow the body to recover quickly, and even delay aging.

About empathy Warm Palace Treatment - Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is prenatal care?
    Today's urbanites pay more attention to health and health preservation than before, so in recent years, many prenatal care and postnatal care centers have been opened in Hong Kong. In fact, the meaning of prenatal care, one of which refers to the massage women receive during pregnancy, the purpose is to relieve women's discomfort during pregnancy and improve their postpartum edema, which is also very popular among pregnant mothers; Pre-nursing guidance also includes breastfeeding guidance service, which teaches novice mothers about breastfeeding, so that they can reduce the pressure of being a novice mother. Prenatal care guidance is generally a course taken by midwives or obstetrics and gynecology medical personnel. With the popularization of knowledge, prenatal care guidance courses are also becoming more common. People in different occupations can take prenatal care courses, so that It can increase knowledge and help others as well as yourself.
  • May I ask how long is it convenient for a woman to receive massage for prenatal care?
    When a woman is more than 12 weeks pregnant, the condition of the fetus is relatively stable at this time, so that relevant massage can be started to relieve discomfort and improve edema.
  • What services are included in postpartum care?
    Postpartum care, as the name suggests, comes after prenatal care and is a recovery course for women after giving birth. Women’s bodies undergo different changes during pregnancy and after childbirth. In particular, the body will produce relaxin, which will make the bones become soft at maturity. The main purpose of this is to enable the fetus to deliver smoothly. Rectus abdominis separation and visceral displacement will occur in the mother’s body, and even changes in the spine, such as forward tilting, sideways tilting, or pelvic asymmetry, will cause long-term low back pain. cause long-term effects. The content of postpartum care includes tummy tuck, pelvic bone repair and pubic closure, as well as lactation and breastfeeding guidance and other services. This kind of postpartum care service not only improves the mother's body from the inside out, but also greatly enhances her metabolism, accelerates the detoxification function, restores her prenatal state as soon as possible, restores her spirit and standard body shape, and becomes more radiant and confident. Among them, the breastfeeding guidance service is a good helper for many novice mothers. The content of the teaching not only stimulates the acupuncture points through manipulations to make breast milk secrete more, but also provides breastfeeding guidance, explaining the correct breastfeeding posture, even if there is breast congestion and stone chest We can also help solve problems, all of which can let mothers know that we are with us empathy on the way of prenatal and postnatal care.
  • How many days after childbirth can women start belly binding?
    In general, women can start belly binding approximately one month after childbirth. However, for women who have undergone a cesarean section, it is recommended to wait for three months after giving birth before engaging in this type of postpartum care.
  • What should be paid attention to in prenatal and postnatal care?
    Before pregnant women plan to receive prenatal care, they can first consult whether the pregnancy week is suitable for treatment. Afterwards, the therapist will communicate with the client to understand the mother's physical condition and whether there are any points to pay attention to . In addition, regardless of prenatal and postpartum care, you should pay attention to whether the product is suitable for pregnant women or breastfeeding, and prenatal care is especially for pregnant women. During the process, you must know all kinds of contraindications and places to avoid; Pay attention to bones, muscles and other parts involved in the nursing home. Therefore, every empathy therapist has taken accredited courses and has multiple nationally recognized international certificates, including prenatal care guidance courses, which not only ensure good results, but also make mothers feel more at ease during the process.
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