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Breast Care course

Exquisite chest lines bring confidence and charm to women. Mothers who experienced pregnancy and breastfeeding might encounter inevitable mastoptosis due to change of hormone and breast tension and relaxation. As a result, the course will teach students to clinically identify the severeness of mastoptosis and explain massage theories and techniques to improve mastoptosis. Instructors will teach some gentle and effective breast enhancement skills, diet recommendation and some useful workout routines, which allows the breasts to be more upright and ultimately have a more significant effect. Individuals who have completed the course can provide the full set breast care treatment for their clients to improve mastoptosis and have more tightened breasts. This course is especially suitable for beauty slimming and prenatal and postnatal practitioners to enhance their skills.

Korean Breast Enhancement Course

Course introduction

  • Teaches students to clinically identify the level of mastoptosis

  • Explain the principle and skills of massaging to improve mastoptosis

  • Provide diet and workout suggestions

  • Students who finished the course can provide a whole set of breast care treatment to improve mastoptosis and be more upright

  • Suitable for beauty slimming and prenatal and postnatal practitioner


Course details

Unit 1: Understand the structure of the breast

Unit 2: Understand the changes of the breast between prenatal and postnatal phase

Unit 3: Causes of mastoptosis

Unit 4: Mental effect of mastoptosis

Unit 5: How to determine the level of mastoptosis

Unit 6: Diet suggestion

Unit 7: Effective workout suggestion

Unit 8: Acupoints and skills to perform breast care

Unit 9: Precautions on massages

Unit 10: Market development and trends

Unit 11: Measurement and assessment techniques


Exam mode

  • This course includes multiple choices written exams on theory in order to assess students’ knowledge on the course

  • Students would need to practice massage skills on each other 

  • No photo taking and filming during lesson

  • To avoid any misunderstanding, students should put all communication equipment in their bags


Course fee is HKD$3,850 and includes all items listed below:

  • 1 certificate application fee (Additional certificates - add HKD$1800 ~ HKD$3200)

  • 1 empathy-issued certificate

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