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TQUK-Diploma in Prenatal and Postnatal Care (Level 2)*
IAPC-Professional in Prenatal Care and Postnatal Recovery Practitioner (Level 5)^

Courses are certified by TQUK and IAPC, including four major fundamental subjects for Prenatal and postnatal practitioner, listed below:
  1. Balinese Belly Binding
  2. Pelvis and Pubis Correction
  3. Balinese Prenatal Massage
  4. Lactation 
Translation: The course fee, including one diploma certificate, is HKD 19,500. 
* During the promotion period, there is a 20% discount, making it HKD 15,600.
* In addition, students can apply for the American IAPC Level 5 certificate in prenatal care and postpartum restoration.
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Best selling Balinese Belly Binding Certificate

Focusing on teaching Balinese belly binding and other belly binding styles and combining with abdominal and back massage skills, students can provide the entire belly binding treatment upon course completion. Clients thus can improve diastasis recti, visceral repositioning, uterus care, dispel Bloating, edema and regain waistline.

Advanced Study - Pelvis and Pubis Corretion

Instructors apply the principle of mechanical equilibrium to precisely fix the position of internal organs, muscles and ligaments with their bare hand. Improve pain due to pelvic displacement and closed pubis. Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, prevent various gynecological illnesses, enhance intimacy between couples, delay the aging of the uterus and other health benefits.

Balinese Prenatal Massage

Understand the benefits and theory of prenatal massage. Master and perform the five massaging techniques of professional prenatal massage; understand the operation of a prenatal massage business and the massage therapists’ professional ethics and precautions.

Give The Best to The Best - Lactation

Taught by registered midwives and senior prolactinists, the course delivers breastfeeding theory through the perspective of modern medicine and anatomy. Instructors use clinical cases and suggest corresponding solutions. The course also covers Chinese medicine’s acupuncture points massage techniques, which allow students to soothe clients’ problems of breastmilk insufficiency, engorged breast, “stone breast” and other difficult issues. Therefore, students can help breastfeeding mothers to provide precious breast milk to their most cherished newborns.