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Facial Contouring Specialist Four Certificate Course

This course aims to teach students the skills of shaping facial contours by hand, enabling them to become aesthetic beauticians with unique abilities.

The course starts with basic knowledge, including facial muscle structure, head fascia, and techniques for identifying different facial contour types. It delves into various methods such as improving fascia, enhancing nasal shape, improving cheekbones, and lifting eye shape. Students will also learn techniques for overall contour adjustment and reducing facial swelling to brighten the complexion. Upon completion, students will receive a professional certificate, enhancing their job opportunities and making them outstanding facial contouring specialists in the beauty industry.


Certificate Course in Pink Aesthetics

  1. Origins and history of facial contouring for a small and youthful appearance

  2. Features and advantages

  3. Understanding facial muscles

  4. Understanding head fascia

  5. Differentiating facial contour types

  6. Techniques for improving fascia

  7. Techniques for enhancing nasal shape

  8. Techniques for improving cheekbones

  9. Techniques for lifting eye shape

  10. Techniques for overall contour adjustment

  11. Techniques for reducing facial swelling and brightening the complexion

  12. Precautions and contraindications

  13. Market situation

  14. Practical examination

Advantages of the Facial Contouring Specialist Certificate Course Instructors:

  • Over 10 years of teaching experience

  • Recognized instructors in multiple countries

  • Personal study of facial bone techniques in Japan and China

The cost of the Facial Contouring Specialist Certificate Course is HKD 6,880, which includes the following:

  • Professional course textbook for Facial Contouring Specialist Certificate

  • Application fee for the Zhadu (Bengkung) Course Certificate (one certificate included; additional certificates require an additional fee of HKD $1,800 to $3,200)

  • Empathy Certificate

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