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Postnatal Lymphatic Massage and Body Wrap Course

Postpartum advanced training course. A mother’s body undergoes various changes after childbirth. It takes time to adapt and recover both physically and mentally. Postpartum full body drainage massage is the most effective way to comfort and calm mothers after childbirth. In addition, lower body edema is also a problem for mothers. In view of this troublesome problem, we have launched postpartum full body drainage massage and thigh piercing courses to help everyone become a more comprehensive and comprehensive professional postpartum recovery practitioner.

Lymphatic Massage and Body Wrap Course

Course Introduction
. Activate postpartum functional regeneration
. Restart metabolism and blood circulation
. Eliminate edema and pseudo-obesity
. Based on meridian acupuncture points
. Teach students in-depth massage techniques
. Reshaping the lines of the lower limbs with bandages
. Suitable for beauty and slimming, prenatal and postnatal care practitioners to study and improve their skills
. Maternal edema due to hormonal changes, frailty, and slowed metabolism
. Postpartum full body lymphatic drainage massage effectively relieves postpartum mothers’ physical and mental stress
. Give mom comfort and peace
. Meridian acupuncture points are the basis of manipulation
. Improve "pseudo-obesity" such as lower limb pain and edema
. Suitable for training for beauty and prenatal and postnatal service practitioners

Course content
Chapter 1: Postpartum body changes
Chapter 2: Psychological changes in mothers after childbirth
Chapter 3: Basic postpartum dietary instructions
Chapter 4: Benefits of postpartum drainage massage
Chapter 5: Precautions for whole body drainage massage
Chapter 6: Treatment safety and contraindications
Chapter Seven: Whole Body Drainage Massage and Techniques
Chapter 8: Thigh-piercing Techniques
Chapter 9: Tricking Techniques

exam pattern
. This course includes multiple-choice and short-answer theory written tests
. Students need to provide treatment plans and practical techniques according to different simulated situations.
. The instructor will observe and provide feedback

The course fee is HKD 3,840, which includes the following items:
. A pair of bandages
. A pair of thigh-tie cloths
​. One certificate application fee (an additional $1800~$3200 for additional certificates)
. An empathy school certificate

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