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Magnetic Massage and Aromatherapy Course

In response to the market’s needs, this course delivers the principles of magnetic massage therapy, the selection and taboo of essential oils, the techniques and effects of massaging channel points. This allows clients to effectively detoxify and beautify their skin.

Strengthen your skills in response to market’s needs - Magnetic Massage and Aromatherapy

Course introduction

  • Written and taught by two professional instructors

  • Instructors hold various national and international certification in different fields

  • Professional fields including aromatherapy, energy, magnetic massage therapy, children hypnosis, emotional management, and pediatric tuina etc.

  • Teaching students to use essential oil aromatherapy for health protection and treatment

  • Using the magnetic fork as aid for physical massage

  • Allow students to master the full set of massage treatment

  • Suitable for beauty and body slimming massage practitioners, and those who are interested to apply


Course details 

Unit 1: Origins and history of essential oil,v as health protection and treatment

Unit 2: Quality and extraction methods of essential oils

Unit 3: The mechanism of how essential oils give off

Unit 4: Chemical composition of base oil and essential oil

Unit 5: The proportion of making essential oil

Unit 6: Massage skills for aromatherapy

Unit 7: Essential oils that boost immune system

Unit 8: Respiratory system and aromatherapy

Unit 9: Emotion and aromatherapy

Unit 10: Other commonly used selected formula

Unit 11: Principle and preparation of essential oils for body slimming 

Unit 12: Function, design and taboo of magnetic massager

Unit 13: Principle of magnetic massage for body slimming

Unit 14: Meridian and acupoints for magnetic massager application


Exam mode

  • This course includes multiple choices written exams on theory in order to assess students’ knowledge on the course

  • There is a practical assessment for the magnetic aromatherapy, which instructors would assess students’ performances and provide feedbacks


Course fee is HKD$3,580 and includes all items listed below:

  • Our course has equipped magnetic massager for practical use and also encouraged students to bring their own magnetic massager

  • Fees for GPF Global Professional Artist Federation’s certificate

  • 1 empathy-issued certificate

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