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Warm Womb Nurturing Therapist Certification Course

This comprehensive training program covers topics such as reproductive system anatomy, maintenance purposes and methods, endocrine system, factors in preventing premature aging and abnormalities, etc. Students will learn acupressure points, application of aromatherapy massage oils, as well as techniques for back and abdominal purification. The course also includes consultation skills, professional ethics, safety guidelines, practical exercises, and assessments. Upon completion, students will receive the Warm Womb Nurturing Therapist Certification, becoming professionals.


Warm Womb Nurturing Therapist Certification Course

Course Overview:

  1. Female reproductive system anatomy and physiology

  2. Purpose, significance, and function of uterine and ovarian care

  3. Deconstruction of the human endocrine system

  4. Prevention of ovarian premature aging and factors

  5. Prevention of uterine abnormalities and factors contributing to their formation

  6. Methods for uterine and ovarian care

  7. Understanding acupressure points and meridians

  8. Pairing and application of aromatherapy massage oils

  9. Techniques for back manipulation

  10. Techniques for abdominal purification

  11. Content and skills for client consultation

  12. Professional ethics and safety guidelines for Warm Womb Nurturing Therapists

  13. Practical exercises and assessments


The price for the Warm Womb Nurturing Therapist Certification Course is HKD $2,880, which includes the following:

  • Theory textbook

  • Empathy Certificate

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