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Certificate Course in Pink Aesthetics

"Professional Instructor Training for Pink Aesthetics Certificate Course"

Our course provides professional instructor training to ensure that students can absorb knowledge in a clear and comprehensive manner. The teaching process includes practical demonstrations and hands-on guidance, catering to both experienced and inexperienced learners. This technique does not require any prior color coordination experience, so even if you have no relevant background, you can still learn this new skill and be well-prepared for entrepreneurship.

Learning this technique can expand your business offerings and attract more clients. It is easy to grasp and suitable for individuals with zero experience.

Upon completion of the course, you will be eligible to take the IBDR, GPF, and in-house certification exams.

Ideal for: Prenatal and postnatal therapists, beauticians, individuals looking to switch careers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and more.


Certificate Course in Pink Aesthetics

Course Description:

The Pink Aesthetics course focuses on the technique of lightening melanin in different parts of the body, including the areola, intimate areas, joints, underarms, buttocks, and stretch marks formed during pregnancy. Pink Aesthetics is a natural pink effect technique that does not use any colored pigments, avoiding color retention issues. Unlike other semi-permanent techniques on the market, it is not tattooing, laser, bleaching, or skin abrasion. It is non-invasive, painless, and does not involve the use of dyes. The process involves extracting melanin, inhibiting its production in the epidermis, and assisting in the repair of cells and molecules to maintain healthy skin. This technique is safe and has no side effects, allowing the treated areas to regain their original pinkish appearance using international non-invasive pink aesthetics technology.

Course Outline:

  • Understanding the formation and theory of skin melanin

  • Anatomy of intimate areas and areola

  • Market analysis

  • Comparison between latest and traditional pink aesthetics techniques

  • Examination of different brands and case studies

  • Analysis of unsuccessful and successful cases of counterfeit/other pink aesthetics techniques

  • Pink aesthetics procedure and practical application

  • Pre- and post-treatment care, precautions, and contraindications

  • Theoretical and practical assessments

[Business Start-Up] The course fee is HKD 18,000 (24 hours of instruction), which includes the following:

  • Professional theory textbook

  • Set of pink aesthetic solutions for intimate areas and areola

  • Set of moisturizers for intimate areas and areola

  • SRB Pink Aesthetics Certificate

  • Empathy in-house certificate​

[Experience] The course fee is HKD 5,800 (8 hours of instruction), conducted over two days, and includes the following:

  • One session of experiential treatment

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