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Prenatal and Postnatal Comprehensive Teaching Course

Empathy Education Center specializes in offering prenatal and postnatal courses, where students can obtain certificates from multiple reputable schools. This allows students to gain professional skills and truly enter the prenatal and postnatal industry.


The TQUK-accredited courses indicate that empathy has developed and provided high-quality courses with a guarantee of excellence in their field. They offer additional advanced courses to enhance skills and stand out among peers.

Top Rated - TQUK Diploma in Prenatal and Postnatal Care (Level 2)

IAPC Certified Professional in Prenatal Care and Postnatal Recovery Practitioner (Level 5)

The course has been accredited by the UK qualification and training awarding body TQUK and recognized by the International Association of Professional Certification (IAPC) in the United States. It covers the four essential subjects for prenatal and postnatal therapists, including:
  1. Authentic Balinese Belly Binding (Balinese Belly Binding)

  2. Pelvic Bone Restoration and Pubis Closure (Pelvis and Pubis Correction)

  3. Balinese Prenatal Massage (Balinese Prenatal Massage)

  4. Lactation Guidance and Breast Milk Stimulation (Lactation)

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Balinese Belly Binding Course

Our courses are taught by experienced instructors who have maintained a sincere and dedicated approach towards every client. They prioritize effectiveness and professionalism, aiming to elevate the overall standard of the prenatal and postnatal service industry. Our instructors are enthusiastic about answering common questions, sharing industry experiences, and addressing clinical challenges. The courses also cover communication and consultation skills with clients, assisting students in developing their careers from scratch.

This course is suitable for individuals who want to acquire a valuable skillset, including current postpartum caregivers, massage therapists, beauty professionals, and anyone interested in the field.


Certificate in Postnatal Belly Binding and Massage Therapy (Level 3) (TQUK)

"Outstanding" refers to being far superior to others in the same category, surpassing the average or exceeding the expectations. It describes exceptional talent that goes beyond the norm and stands out from the crowd. The Advanced Belly Binding Course aims to create a more professional and unparalleled learning experience in the field of belly binding.

The course provides comprehensive coverage of topics such as female anatomy and psychology, women's skeletal structure, the endocrine system, postpartum care for mothers, massage techniques for postpartum women, advanced belly binding techniques from all angles, and postpartum nutrition. Graduates of this course will have a competitive edge in the industry, surpassing their peers.

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Pelvis and Pubis Correction Course

The course teaches students to skillfully use the pivot and fulcrum points of joints, utilizing the principles of mechanical balance, and employing precise techniques to restore organs, muscles, and ligaments to their optimal positions. After completing the course, students will possess the ability to improve clients' conditions related to pelvic misalignment and incomplete pubic closure, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, prevent various gynecological disorders, enhance intimacy between partners, and delay uterine aging for better health benefits. The course involves a significant amount of massage techniques, stretching exercises, and manual shaping methods. It is suitable for individuals with a basic understanding of massage and sports science and can also be seen as an advanced extension course for authentic Balinese belly binding.
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Balinese Prenatal Massage Course

After completing the course, students will gain an understanding of the benefits and theories of prenatal massage. They will acquire expertise in five Balinese spa-level prenatal massage techniques and be able to apply the complete set of skills. Students will also learn about the operational flow of prenatal massage, understand the professional ethics and considerations that massage therapists should possess in this field.
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Lactation course

The course is taught by registered midwives and experienced lactation consultants who provide instruction from the perspectives of modern medicine and anatomy. They impart lactation theories and teach students how to identify clinical cases and recommend corresponding solutions. The course also incorporates acupressure techniques from traditional Chinese medicine, enabling students to alleviate challenging issues such as low milk supply, engorgement, and plugged ducts. The goal is to assist breastfeeding mothers in providing their precious breast milk to their beloved babies.

Magnetic Massage and Aromatherapy course

In response to market demand, the course will instruct students on the principles of magnetic fork massage therapy, including the effects of magnetic fields on the body and the related physiological mechanisms. Students will learn how to select and use essential oils, including suitable types of oils and precautions for their use. Additionally, the course will cover massage techniques and the benefits of acupoints along the meridians, as well as effective methods for detoxification and skincare.

This knowledge will enable students to provide comprehensive magnetic fork massage services that cater to clients' needs for both health and beauty.


Postnatal Lymphatic Massage and Body Wrap Course

Postpartum enriched curriculum. Postnatal mothers have various changes in their physical and mental state, which takes time to get used to and heal. Postnatal lymphatic massage is the most significant treatment to enable the mothers to receive calm and comfort. On the other hand, lower body edema is also a problem that bothers postpartum mothers. Thus, empathy established this course to allow students to become an all-inclusive professional postpartum recovery practitioner.

Breast Care course

Exquisite chest lines bring confidence and charm to women. Mothers who experienced pregnancy and breastfeeding might encounter inevitable mastoptosis due to change of hormone and breast tension and relaxation. As a result, the course will teach students to clinically identify the severeness of mastoptosis and explain massage theories and techniques to improve mastoptosis. Instructors will teach some gentle and effective breast enhancement skills, diet recommendation and some useful workout routines, which allows the breasts to be more upright and ultimately have a more significant effect. Individuals who have completed the course can provide the full set breast care treatment for their clients to improve mastoptosis and have more tightened breasts. This course is especially suitable for beauty slimming and prenatal and postnatal practitioners to enhance their skills.

Award in Understanding Maternal Health

In recent years, the prenatal and postnatal industry has become more prosperous. To survive in the market and maintain a career, practitioners need to acquire professional knowledge despite being able to provide delicate services and having ultimate effects. Knowing the accurate Chinese medicine theory and knowledge, this helps mothers to take care of their bodies and have a speedy recovery. This course is suitable for individuals who work in the prenatal and postnatal industry and postnatal recovery.

Pediatric Tuina Massage Certificate Course

Pediatric Tuina massage is safe, simple to operate, and non-invasive. Children are more likely to accept it and parents can easily learn it. Pediatric Tuina massage is not only used for treatment but also for prevention and health maintenance, which is beneficial to the health and growth of children.

3 Days Full-Time Postnatal Care Practitioner Training Course

Postnatal care practitioners are in high demand and their salaries continue to rise with experience and various skills. Although the government-subsidized courses are affordable, the training period is comparatively long, which has a higher time cost for employed individuals. Our center has specifically created a 3-days elite course, which covers all effective training and skills. After completing the course, graduates can automatically enter the industry and would be able to provide help for postpartum mothers with their daily needs and taking care of their infants. Our center’s instructors, who are all equipped with multiple professional qualifications, have nearly 20 years of experience and have taught this subject in various institutions.

Award in Teaching and Training (Level 3)

If you have sufficient skills, but have no idea how to teach?
This course can guide you to become an instructor in your field of expertise. This allows you to obtain more recognition and help you to construct a better self. This course also helps you to expand your horizon and allow individuals in different professions to have more space to develop.

Award in Teaching and Training (Level 3)

If you have sufficient skills, but have no idea how to teach?
This course can guide you to become an instructor in your field of expertise. This allows you to obtain more recognition and help you to construct a better self. This course also helps you to expand your horizon and allow individuals in different professions to have more space to develop.
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