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Waxing Hair Removal Certificate Course

Waxing Hair Removal Course - Make you a hair removal expert!

Do you want smooth and tender skin, but don’t know how to choose the most effective hair removal method? We have specially designed a comprehensive waxing course to make you a true hair removal expert!

In this course, you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of various hair removal methods and gain an in-depth understanding of the benefits and principles of wax hair removal. We'll explain the difference between hot wax and warm wax in detail so you can choose the method that best suits your needs.

During the course, we will have professional instructors conduct on-the-spot demonstrations to demonstrate the operating techniques of hot wax and warm wax, and provide opportunities for practical practice. You will have enough time to practice and consolidate what you have learned to ensure that you are proficient in waxing hair removal techniques.

Whether you want to learn self-hair removal techniques or set up a professional hair removal service, this course has what you need. We also provide review and exam sessions to ensure you truly master what you have learned.

Join our waxing course now to become a hair removal expert and provide the best service to your clients!


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Waxing Hair Removal Certificate Course

Course content:​

1. Introduce different methods of hair removal, including razors, hair removal creams, etc., and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

2. Explain the advantages of waxing hair removal over other methods, such as durability and reduced hair hardening.

3. Introduce the working principle of beeswax hair removal, including how beeswax can completely pull out the hair roots.

4. Describe in detail the characteristics, usage and application scope of hot wax and warm wax.

5. Provide students with common mistakes and precautions to avoid when performing waxing hair removal procedures.

6. Instructors will conduct live demonstrations showing the proper use and techniques of hot and warm wax.

7. Students will have the opportunity to work hands-on with hot and warm wax, practice techniques, and receive instruction.

8. Students will be tested to verify their mastery of waxing techniques and knowledge.


The cost for the Keratin Course is HKD $1,680, and it includes the following items:

  • Application fee for the Keratin Course book (one copy) (Additional certificate costs between $1,800 and $3,200)

  • One copy of the empathy certificate.

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